Work-Life Balance Bootcamp

You wake up, roll over and start reaching for it.
Your hand does a frantic search, patting the sheets and pillows.

Oh my gosh, where is it?!

You feel it.
You found it.  

You unlock your phone and start checking your work email.  

You’re barely awake and already feeling the stress of work pouring into your brain.

It’s true.
You’re overworked, stressed out, and it’s taking over your life.

And the only thing you think, is going to help, is if you work harder until you finally have time to do, the other most important thing, like actually live your life doing what you really want to do.  

There’s a way to find more happy, more balance right now and before you drive yourself into the ground...

Let me introduce you to WORK-LIFE BALANCE BOOTCAMP.

Otherwise known as, helping you live in the moment, happily, without sacrificing long term stability.  

Real talk time:

You’re rushing around with stress levels always above a 7.
Someone always needs you.
Something always needs to be done.

And in the back of your mind it’s always, you’ll slow down when you will have more time.

You’ll be successful when you’ll get more work done and when you’ll have more money.
You’ll be happy when you’ll have a more balanced life.

And how long have you been waiting?

Your entire working life.  
It’s been years.

And you keep putting these things off because you want perfection and because the pressure of other’s demands take over.

Hi! I am Fiorenza, work-life balance mentor!

I coach stressed out overworkers reclaim balance so they can let go of stress and finally be happy.

I understand you.
I have been there: juggling multiple jobs that I equally cared about.

While taking classes to develop skills I wanted to master as well as my own passion projects on the weekend.

Plus the commitment and attention my family and loved ones required.  

And I learned resilience.

I learned how to create healthy boundaries that feel good no matter what.

I tested many tools and techniques and have been able to map out what works.

I learned how important we are and why by prioritising ourselves we are actually prioritising everything we care about.

That’s why I know if I can do it for me and clients around the world, I can help you.

  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE BOOTCAMP is a 30 day coaching program with me, so you can have good things now without adding more to your do list.
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE BOOTCAMP is creating healthy sustainable boundaries so you can get the best out of your personal and professional life.
  • WORK-LIFE BALANCE BOOTCAMP is a step by step support system that will help you work through everything and anything standing in your way of happiness.

Investment only $647

starts with a consultation with me, then each week begins with an one-to-one session with me and ends with a check-up through a talkie-walkie app on your phone.

This is how things are looking now.
You’re on the verge of burnout.
And the life you’re trying to create, feels like it’s also on fire.
This is how things can look.

Reclaim your life NOW by securing a spot, and actually live a happy life.

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