7 Days SElf-Care Challenge

Do you forget taking care of yourself while you are under pressure or stressed?
Do you often associate self-care with expensive over-indulgence?
Have you already tried a few times to prioritise your self-care but failed?
Stop right there! This challenge is for YOU!

I created my Self-Care challenge because I want you to experience how easy Self-Care can be and how valuable it is to reduce your stress.

Accept my guidance, breathe and notice how your perception can be uplifted.

Here is what to expect from this challenge:

  • We will cover every aspect of self-care: mind, body & soul.
  • Each day comes with a theme and different activities will be suggested for you to pick from.
  • You can fit your daily self-care activity in your schedule and make it last as long as you see fit – 5min or 1 hour, it’s totally up to you and your schedule!

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